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You’ve heard it said “In my next life, I wanna be a SaddleBrooke dog/cat!.”  And for good reason…we go to great lengths to pamper our pets who bring such joy to our lives.   Pets in the ‘Brooke is a website designed to support SaddleBrooke pet owners by: 

So take a moment and browse the site by clicking on the tabs at the top.  Please share your experiences with local groomers, vets, sitters etc. in the Forums.  Read on the latest efforts by Wags & Walkers and RESCUE ME!  in the Groups.  (Many more useful links on Groups page.) Consider sharing your time or talent on behalf of the homeless pets in the Events.   Share a pet in need of adoption or  your favorite pet pic and, by all means, if you are looking for a pet, check out the Pet Gallery.


About this website

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Pets in the ‘Brooke was created by Mark Saks, who generously donated his expertise to this endeavor, and maintained by RESCUE ME! volunteers who are not responsible for materials provided by other entities or provided through links. All material other than ours is presented without our edit and allows us to disclaim any liability for the other entities' opinions, accuracy, context, negligence, misrepresentations, infringements, plagiarisms, or warranties, expressed or implied.   
 Comments on how to improve this site are welcome as are donations to support pet rescue efforts. 

Rules for Pets in SaddleBrooke

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